When Is The Best Time To Post On Social Media?

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Jim Banks

This has been my most pinned pin over on Pinterest.

Your mileage may vary, if your audience is breakfast diners, or late night revelers, then posting on Twitter might be better served earlier or later in the day.

Whatever the best time is, it's worth stopping for a second before hitting publish your post and check to see if your audience is going to be there or not.

You only get one chance to make a first impression

Make sure you take your chance and make it count.

And, in the smallprint it says these times are Eastern Standard Time, so if you are in the UK add on five hours, if you are West Coast USA then take three hours off or do whatever works in your own time zone.

But be sure to think twice before hitting the post button and you may just find your social media engagement numbers start jumping up in a big way.

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Jim Banks

Written by Jim Banks

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